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Currently Greenfli Transport and ICORP (www.icorp.org) are engaged in a project which seeks the participation of self sponsored pilots to act as Pilots and spotters on the project aircraft in the Limpopo Region of South Africa. – WHAT AN EXPERIENCE AS A BUDDING PILOT & EXCELLENT FOR YOUR RESUME. Greenfli Transport (www.greenfli.net) is a logistic company for ‘Africa Conservation Projects’ – We are a Multinational Company with a head office in Malta and offices in South Africa in support of Wildlife Conservation and Anti Poaching Initiatives in Southern Africa we offer this project in Collaboration with ICORP.

ICORP (INTERNATIONAL COALITION OF RHINO PROTECTION) is a registered non-profit NGO and reliant on donations and sponsorships to fund their wildlife conservation projects. Self sponsored volunteer Pilots will be required to fly 35 flight hours, which will be utilised toward the Aerial conservation initiatives, you will ideally spend a month, at a base camp in Limpopo South Africa. Apart from the aircraft hire and fly as a self sponsored volunteer included in the package cost you will get type conversion related training, all transfers, medium range accommodation and all meals , you will get to spend the month with an awesome group of people that are well versed volunteers and passionate about wild life and conservation – you will be required to undergo orientation training with ICORP’s game rangers and Greenfli project managers for the hire and fly arrangement, pursuant to the specific requirements of the flight project.


Volunteers will be required to pay (1985.00 Euros) for a 1-month program to cover ground-based logistics, accommodation, meals, transport etc. on the ICORP project. Volunteers will be required to transport themselves to Johannesburg (International airport) after which logistics, accommodation and meals will be covered on the project. Flight training, orientation and any required Pilot Licence validations and type conversions will be covered by the project. South African CAA issues a 28-day validation of a foreign pilot’s license after a type conversion check-flight.


Volunteer Pilots arrive at Johannesburg International Airport and will be conducted from the airport through the induction and training program. Volunteer pilots will be taken through the type conversion training process and any related SA CAA requirements will be facilitated through the program personnel. Volunteer Pilots will be conducted to the operational base and taken through the project briefing and orientation by the ICORP personnel. You will sign a self funded volunteer agreement with ICORP before being able to fly the aircrafts

Duties and responsibilities:
Once established on the program the Pilots will be assigned flight duties relevant to the project’s requirements. Usually aerial patrols of the wildlife reserves, cutline and fencing patrol, but can involve rapid response call out duties. Crew will act as aerial communication, eye-in the sky liaison with other project aircraft and ground-based game rangers reporting and coordinating required actions to the mission objectives. All flights will have a mission objective pre-flight briefing and debriefing pursuant to anti-poaching intelligence gathering and other conservation mission objectives. Crew will fly with existing experienced pilot volunteers, until sufficient project experience to act as Command Pilot.


Day to Day:
Most flights are conducted as multi- crew flight operations with either another co-pilot or observer/radio operator on the aircraft.
Crew will fly an allocated 35 hours in support of the operations which they will be entitled to log the hours in accordance with their own Pilots Licence issuing Authority.


Accommodation and Messing:
It needs to be understood that the projects are located remotely and that this experience should not be confused with a luxury Safari type experience in terms of accommodation and meals although every effort is made under the circumstances to make things as comfortable as possible for everyone on the project. On the project meals are provided and accommodation is basic, but comfortable. On certain projects accommodation and bathroom facilities are shared – Should you require a private room an additional charge will apply.


Rustic Lodge Accommodations:
The lodge you will be staying in, is rustic and comfortable with all required for day to day living accommodation, it boasts a swimming pool to cool off in and a great central socialising area, to enjoy those awesome bush days and down time fun.

**Shared Accommodation is included in the price, should you wish to have a private room, there will be a surcharge
of 150 Euros for the month**


Bathawk Aircraft are manufactured in South Africa and with its helicopter-like visibility, designed specifically for bush/wildlife conservation applications. This type of aircraft is already used extensively in the region in these applications including SAN Parks, Botswana Wildlife Protection Services and numerous private conservation initiatives.


Cost to you and inclusions/ exclusions:

1. Collection from OR Tambo Airport (Johannesburg)
2. Accommodation at the Town Lodge or Similar (OR Tambo int’l JHB)
3. Foreign License Validation and conversion for aircraft type and check ride.
4. Shuttle transfer to the lodge in Limpopo.
5. Induction into the counter poaching operation of ICORP.
6. 35 Flight hours of the project month.
7. Meals while on project.
8. Participation in daily operations at the ICORP base.
9. Includes Certificate of Participation from ICORP.
10. Includes Shuttle Transfer back to (OR Tambo int’l JHB) from base in Limpopo at the end of the Project.
11. Accommodation in JHB- OR Tambo Town Lodge (or similar) on departure from South Africa.

**Please note the following are excluded, International travel from destination and return to destination / alcoholic beverages/snacks and bar account**

Legalities & Requirements:
Pilots arriving on project are expected to hold a pilot’s licence and medical certificate valid for the intended duration of their project.
Due to the Labour Law legislation applicable in South Africa, volunteer Pilots may not receive any financial remuneration pursuant to their flying or conservation activities. All flying activities should be conducted within the parameters of South African Aviation Regulations which are based on the ICAO regulations.

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For questions or more information contact

South Africa +27839569561
Malta +35699984732